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Silver Heartbeat Necklace

Silver Heartbeat Necklace

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This Silver Heartbeat Pendant is a truly special piece that we've put a lot of effort into crafting. Its uniquely modern heart design, with an irregular surface, resembles the atmosphere of the surroundings, much like our hearts react to various places and emotions. Coated in rhodium, it captures everything happening around the wearer, making it an irreplaceable accessory for both formal and informal outfits. Reflecting the climax of every moment in real time, it’s almost like a talisman that adapts to you, the surroundings, and the ever-changing light.

Pendant is sturdy, on a 45cm chain (+5cm extension) made of 925 Silver, rhodium coated. Chain is 2.6mm thick.


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High quality 925 Sterling Silver


Slayy rings and bracelets are unisize, allowing you to effortlessly adjust their fit with your hands for ultimate comfort and convenience, and allowing for easy gifting.

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